The Story of the European Visual Practitioners Community

EUVIZ 2014

How it got real

Rome 2016

Brussels 2017

Warsaw 2017

Paris 2017

Coreteam 2017-2018

Madrid 2018

Euviz 2018

Coreteam 2018-2019

Hamburg 2018

Prague 2019

Coreteam 2019-2020

Stockholm 2019

Virtual Vienna – May 2020

Markus Engelberger and The EVP Vienna MeetUp Team invited us to come to Vienna, to explore the tools and trades of Storytelling and shape your own story as well as the story of the EVP community that connects us. Due to the Corona pandemic, we were forced to organise our tenth meetup online for the first time. Our special guest was none other than David Sibbet.  

EVP Online Circus – 21st November 2020 

The theme of this 11th EVP Online Meet was “The Circus” symbolizing the diversity and fun in our visual field and the challenges we were juggling. During this Meetup we  looked on how we all manage the COVID 19 crisis. The crisis has an enormous impact on our lives both personal and professionally. Despite the negative impact of the corona crisis, there are maybe opportunities to keep your business or job going during this period, or even to attract more customers, new projects, new job opportunities and strengthen existing relationships. Relive this incredible Online Meetup