This video shows the history of EVP and is an excellent way to get introduced to the community of European Visual Practitioners. Our journey started in Berlin and continued via Rome, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw, Madrid, Hamburg, Prague and Stockholm to Vienna.

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Yes, it is a fact. EVP is now an NGO. Bea Brosková and Filippo Buzzini presented the facts and figures, the how and why during an online session. Thanks to everybody that makes this possible. This is also a result that was made possibe by the previous members of the coreteam and is a huge step forward.

For everybody that could not attend or for people that are interested to look back on the information, we have created a PDF of the presentation.

You can download the Legal Entity presentation here

EVP Virtual Vienna Meetup 2020

Thank you to everybody who joined Virtual Vienna. We saw a lot of new faces and a lot of familiair faces. Which is very nice because it means we are a growing community.  Many thanks also to the organizing team: Markus , Christian, Joachim and the Coreteam. And our special geusts David and Gisella.

For a couple of reasons the 2nd of May 2020 was a remarkable day in the history of EVP.  

  • 10th meeting 
  • 1st time virtual
  • EVP official registered as an NGO

We will soon come back to you with a visual report of this exciting day.


The EVP Coreteam is working on new channels, sofar we only had our Facebook group. We are making our first steps on the website and we created a LinkedIn page. If you do not feel like going social or visiting the website, but you still want to be informed, we offer the possibility to subscribe for our newsletter. To receive it, please fill in the form below and you will be automatically added to our MailChimp database.

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