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The EVP Purpose

Each of us is provided a space for exponential professional growth as a Visual Practitioner where in a network we can learn, share, explore and co-create together in order to spread the power of Visual Thinking to the world so that people can learn, communicate & work more effectively.
Esther, Maaike, Andy, Brechtje, Jens, Claudia & Eveline
EVP Core Team Members

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New Years Cocktail Invitation

EVP Friday Cocktails

On the first or second Friday of every month EVP hosts “Friday Cocktails,” a regular, relaxed hang-out to connect, co-learn and co-create with other practitioners. It’s Friday afternoon, time to relax, draw and have a laugh!

The next EVP Cocktail is on 14th January at 4pm CET

Dear European Visual Practitioners, join us for our New Year’s Cocktail: We will be looking forward into 2022 to visualize our wishes, resolutions or plans for the coming year. Let’s picture a bright 2022 together.

Looking forward seeing you all.

Register here for the New Year’S Cocktail!

Visual: Claudia Steinau



Welcome New Core Team Members

We had wonderful talks with wonderful people: Esther Loubradou, Brechtje Hendriks & Eveline Mos are willing to be part of the core team and give their energy, creativity and commitment to the community of European Visual Practitioners. Together with Maaike Borsboom, Jens Nordmann, Claudia Steinau and Any de Vale they form the new EVP core team 2021/2022.

We hope you are all as excited with their nomination as we are. You can always send us a private message if you have other thoughts.

Visual: Jens Nordmann


We found 3 new core team members
Let's Do It World Conference Illustration

EVP Community Members volunteered at the World Clean Up conference

Country leaders, team members, partners, supporters, and believers from around the globe were present at the World Clean Up Conference from 28-31 january 2021. 

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 180 countries across the world for a cleaner planet. As an international the EVP community is proud to support the WCU.

More info

Visual: Sandra Bach

12 february 2021


The EVP Community Dance

Especially for the EVP Online Meetup on 21 November 2021, Dannie Volkert (Germany) created a special choreography. To the tones of Brenda Fassie’s Vulindlela the whole Community danced together. An unforgettable moment!

 Visual: Malte von Tiesenhausen

21 november 2020


EVP Online Meetup on 21 November 2020

EVP Online Circus Meetup 2020

In the summer of 2020, 9 community members from 8 different countries joined forces for the second online EVP Meetup. More than 120 community members joined on 21 November 2021 to network, co-create and learn together. Within the circus theme, the focus was on fun and creativity. But also answers were sought and found to face the COVID 19 crisis as a Visual Practitioner.

Relive the EVP Online Meetup Circus

Visual: Sandra Bach

22 November 2020


The New Core Team 2021

A group of 7 voluntary members take responsability in the EVP Core Team.

  • Keeping the shared vision alive 
  • Overlooking community (supporting local meetups, online
    meetups, other community gatherings…)
  • Overlooking communications
  • Maintaining relationship with IFVP and international organizations
  • Finding a structure fit for the community needs
  • Maintaining the organization (legal status, finances…)

The Core Team 2020-2021: Sandra Bach (Germany), Maaike Borsboom (The Netherlands), Andy de Vale (UK), Karl Mortier (Belgium), Jens Nordmann (Germany), Claudia Steinau (Switzerland),  Elaine Vitikainen (Finland)

Visual: Karl Mortier

9 September 2020

Announcing the new European Visual Practioners Core Team 2020-2021
Visual Summary of the Insights from the Interview with David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling; Visual by Bea Broskova

EVP Virtual Vienna

On the 2n May 2020, in virtual Vienna, EVP made history by setting up the first ever online event  “Visual Story Telling”. David Sibbet was the keynote.  Besides the expertise and inspiring explanation of David, the communicty worked on the 3 pillars of online meetups and EVP in particular.

In a spinoff 3 groups of volunteers continued this work the weeks and months after Virtual Vienna:

  • Co-creation
  • Co-Learning
  • Networking

Visual: Bea Broskova

6 May, 2020


This video shows the history of EVP and is an excellent way to get introduced to the community of European Visual Practitioners. Our journey started in Berlin and continued via Rome, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw, Madrid, Hamburg, Prague and Stockholm to Vienna.

Visual: Filippo Buzzini

2 May, 2020